One of the greatest test that we are faced today is how to bring food to the poor. This is considered one of God’s greatest treasures ever mentioned, to feed the poor, care for those that are sick and preach to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are many people that are not aware of the benefits that the Lord our God gives, when we consider helping those that are the least fortunate, to bring the very word that can help change their lives now and forever.

Here at In The Kingdom of God Ministries  we are striding to build the faith of those that are living in the streets.  Going with a group of Evangelists that are full with the love of our Lord and compassionate to those that need to be preached the word of salvation.  Thanks to those that follow the vision of not only bringing the word to those, but to give them food to eat, clothing to wear,  blankets for when it’s cold in the winter and give to them the best gift of all that is through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

They say that knowledge is the greatest power in the world today, but little do we know that there are hungry people that are living in poverty conditions underneath bridges, on city sidewalks, different camp grounds, in their own cars, some live in cardboard boxes calling it home and some don’t have a place at all to call their home, they’re living on a day to day basis not knowing where they are going to sleep or eat.

Many people when they see the poor, they look away in the hope that they will keep on walking, but guess what they are still there the day after and the next day after that.


How can God’s people help to fix that growing problem that people are faced with in today’s economy. Those that have eyes keep reading.  God wants those that has the same compassion for the poor as Jesus did, to rise up and answer to the call, by helping ministries that go out into the streets and give them a helping hand to those that are truthfully in need.

This is why that In The Kingdom of God Ministries also known by the abbreviated as ITKOGM  we are rising up with a team of Evangelists, with the mission of doing a never before done global census of the poor.  A task of taking on the challenge to bring food to the poor and interviewing their story on how they were brought into a poverty condition, to help bring awareness to all of the individuals that need to know where they are, how they can help and give employment to those that need a second chance in life. 

How is this census conducted?  All of God’s people need to pitch in to help the poor, not just for moral support through prayer, but to bring aid in bringing the resources needed to conduct the census in a proper manner.  

We are in need of field books to help document the name and the story behind the conditions of those that are living in the streets.  We need video cameras to help document these stories for the people to see how they are living on a day by day basis.  We need resources to help prepare the foods, that we can help minister to the poor not only through food, but through the Gospel as well. 

In all that we can achieve, our main goal is to bring the salvation plan, the right way and with each state there will be a permit and guidelines that must be addressed along with the cost of having all documentation presentable, in order to follow the specifications of the law from each city and state, including their municipalities. 

All of this is funded by those that answer to the call of the remnant, that can help support and bring the awareness to those that are willing to hear this story, of how we serve a great and Mighty God.  

In the process of taking care of all of the poor, we cannot forget about the hungry orphans that are living in the streets, over in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana and all over the world. Here at ITKOGM we are in much needed resources to help with the feeding in each orphanage that help defenseless orphan children.

Each year the laws of importing and exporting are more demanding with their documentation, and require that a certain insurance is accompanied along with each donation that is sent to the orphanage, which in most occasions will exceed the amount of the merchandise donated. Sometimes when they reach their destination, some of which will never arrive to the orphanage complete, giving a interrupted feeling of distrust.

This is why we are in search for different resources that are close to the orphanage, which will enable us the acquire information directly and giving them  complete instructions for the delivery, when purchased. When making a purchase through these resources, distribution can come at a estimated quicker pace.

In The Kingdom of God Ministries 

Is asking God’s people for a helping hand. Our goal is to help establish, an impactful desire to read God’s word, and we are asking for your help, by donating brand new Bibles of the King James Version, Contemporary.   Establishing a genuine love for God’s word, is one of the greatest ways to bring Jesus into the hearts of these children.  All serious donators must contact the ITKOGM for instructions on where to deliver the donations of Bibles, to be shipped to it’s destination at the Bible Banks that are being established.